• Do you engage the community on the learning journey?
  • Do you meet the community members? Do you listen and talk to them? Do you affect their culture positively, consolidate good habits, circulate genuine knowledge, and explore their unique identity?
  • Do you compete for excellence?
  • Is there a value besides the business?
  • What is the highest quality role for your business?
  • What is the value added for the community?
  • How do you track performance?
  • What is your biggest challenge and how do you cope with it to get a solution?
  • How do you preserve the environment and nature?
  • What is your biggest problem/dream?
  • Do you believe in our philosophy?


Have a value in its context

Preserve the environment

Understand the real physical impact of existence.

Reveal transparency of costs and profits.

Possess constructive knowledge taught.

Utilize real-life knowledge that is applicable when needed.

Create long-term impact.

Require a connection between learning and teaching.

Have a dynamic, adaptive, responsive, and flexible mindset.

Aid in self-monitoringĀ naturalĀ ethics